End Wars Forever

I just received another email from WorldBeyondWar.com. (I’m sure many of you receive such emails on a regular basis.) But in thinking about it, a marvelous idea occurred to me. Let’s first of all legalize drugs. Then release all the drug offenders from prisons throughout the country. That should empty out about half of all the prisons. Then, we prosecute everyone who advocates for war on charges of premeditated murder (murder one) and put them in the prison cells vacated by the newly freed drug offenders.

Advocating war not a crime? Wait a minute. Consider the following argument. In war, people get killed – deliberately. But deliberately killing another human being is called murder. And if it’s planned in advance, it’s called premeditated murder. Now the advocates for war are never the ones who actually kill people (they don’t get their hands dirty). However they don’t just advocate for war, they get involved in the planning, resourcing and facilitating it in every way. Therefore, they are accomplices to murder and just as guilty as those who perform the act. So if advocating war is not a crime, we need to make it crime right after (or even before) we legalize drugs.

So let me ask. Which is the more grievous offense against society for which the perpetrators should be punished. Advocating war, which is accomplice to premeditated murder, or getting stoned on pot?

By prosecuting and imprisoning all the advocates for war, we should finally be rid of all unnecessary and unjustifiable wars.