It’s Time to Take a Deep Breath

I just received a note from my wife who is away attending family matters elsewhere that reads as follows:

“I find it very disruptive to hear our current president referred as “popular vote loser”. The US needs to accept the fact that although President Trump was not the choice of many Americans, those of us (including me) who did not vote for him, need to accept the fact that he is our legitimately elected president under our current Electoral College system. Instead of rehashing old news, Associated Press and ALL media outlets need to stop dredging up old news and let the country begin to work together. It is past time to stop the divisiveness!!”

I have to agree with her.

It is unfortunate that our new president, with the aid of mass media, has managed to bring out the worst in American citizens who have resorted to predictions of doom, name calling, threats of legal action and even violence. One commentator even claimed he was insane. All this serves no useful purpose other than to inflame the passions of people and cause strife. Worse, it is counterproductive as it detracts from the important issues that we, as a nation, should be addressing.

It is also unfortunate that our new president, again with the aid of mass media, has managed to completely destroy his credibility with his contradictory tweets and misinformation. As a result, we can no longer believe anything he says and he is completely unpredictable. Anything can happen.

There are a lot of bad signs, Trump’s cabinet choices, his tweets, his tirades, accusations, falsehoods and many of his behavioral traits, but it’s still too early to know what he will do. Given the uncertainties we must be diligent and watch him carefully and be prepared to act accordingly at the right time. So let’s all take a deep breath, count to ten (or maybe ten thousand) and wait and see what actions he takes as president.