A Homeland for a Religious Faith

I was thinking the other day about the claim that Jews deserve a nation all their own and it occurred to me that the Jews aren’t alone in deserving a nation all their own. Consider, like Abraham was the father of Judaism, Joseph Smith was the father of Mormonism. And like Moses who brought down the tablets from the mountain, Joseph Smith,from his back yard in western New York, dug up the golden plates on which were inscribed a Judeo-Christian history of an ancient American civilization.  And like the Jews who were driven from their homeland, the Mormons similarly were driven from their homeland in New York and forced to settle in Utah. Furthermore the Mormons were discriminated against by the populace and persecuted by the government and not allowed to practice their faith as they were taught.

So it would seem to me that, just as we have supported returning the Jews to their original homeland in Palestine and establishing it as an independent nation for all Jews, we should support returning the Mormons to their original homeland in New York and allow them to establish New York as an independent nation where all the Mormons in the world could return to their roots and live freely and prosperously.