A Letter to My Representatives in Congress

Below is a letter I wrote to my U.S. Senators and Representative in Congress.

It’s past time we ended our involvement in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other middle east countries and brought our troops home to stay. We are creating more problems in the middle east than we are solving. We claim to be fighting terrorists, but we have no idea who is a terrorist and who isn’t so we simply call everyone who doesn’t support us a terrorist. We’re fighting ISIS alongside Syrian Kurds, but Turkey, our NATO ally, is fighting Syrian Kurds. Assad is fighting ISIS, and we’re fighting Assad. The Russians were fighting ISIS, and we opposed the Russians. This is absolutely insane and accomplishes nothing other than breeding hatred of the U.S. in the middle east, spawning more terrorism and making weapons makers rich.

It’s also way past time to remove the President’s war making authority and for Congress to assume its constitutional responsibility to say when and where we go to war and when and where the President can deploy armed forces. As it is, our Congress has given the President a blank check to deploy armed forces wherever and whenever he pleases at a cost that is bankrupting our government and depriving our own citizens of sorely needed resources.

The concept of using American citizens’ tax money to threaten and destroy lives and property around the world while depriving our own citizens of decent health care, education, housing, relief from natural disasters and a robust infrastructure is absolutely obscene and unconscionable. Any politician who supports this policy cannot claim to represent his constituents.

It is time to use our tax money to make America great by building America up instead of tearing other nations down.

PS You can’t make America safe by creating enemies throughout the world.