No War in Iran

The following is a short note to my Senators.


“Do not allow the President to attack or otherwise wage war against Iran without a specific declaration of war by Congress.

Additionally, John Bolton should be removed from his position as National Security Advisor for constantly urging the President to use military force in lieu of diplomacy to settle international conflicts. Furthermore, most of Bolton’s policies amount to little more than personal vendettas and are threats to world peace. “


I urge everyone to write to their Senators and Representatives and insist that they reign in the President’s power to take military action against Iran. We do not need or want another Iraq type war. We are already engaged in numerous wars around the globe that are murdering thousands of innocent people, bankrupting our nation, and forfeiting our children’s future.

Without Congress’ intervention in this matter, we are very likely to be at war with Iran by the end of the year. Just as they did with Iraq, warmongers like John Bolton will fabricate “evidence” that Iran is a threat to our national security and argue that preemptive war against Iran is the only means or protecting ourselves. Is this argument bullshit? Absolutely. But we all know how susceptible our fearless leader is to bullshit.