That 40% of voters approve of Trump’s performance is not just mind-bending, it’s a threat to our Democracy

How is it that 130 million Americans (40%) can approve the behavior of a president who

    • constantly lies (averages over 18 false or misleading public statements daily)
    • constantly bashes his predecessors for no good reason
    • constantly attacks any opponents
    • constantly praises himself
    • surrounds himself with loyal toadies
    • fires qualified personnel who don’t suck up to him or are considered an enemy or threat
    • replaces qualified personnel with unqualified personnel who are loyal to him
    • has the highest staff turnover of any president in recent history
    • hypocritically displays a bible simply for show
    • claims absolute authority over everything but denies responsibility for anything
    • claims to be above the law
    • insults our allies
    • colludes with dictators and even praises them
    • has failed in every attempt to negotiate terms with foreign leaders
    • disparages and breaks treaties with foreign nations
    • has damaged the reputation of our country abroad
    • honors neo-nazis and white supremacists (very fine people)
    • condemns and threatens legitimate protesters
    • repeatedly reneged on business deals
    • repeatedly defaulted on loans
    • had declared bankruptcy 6 times
    • was a defendant in more than 1500 lawsuits
    • is considered a deadbeat by American banks
    • repeatedly assaulted women
    • is a narcissist, misogynist, racist, hypocrite and bigot and
    • meets 16 of the 20 quantifiable criteria for identifying a sociopath?

The list goes on, but that’s probably enough. The question is, how is it possible that so many people approve of a person who exhibits that kind of behavior?

I can understand a small number of people condoning behavior like that. After all, we do have criminals and “nutjobs” in our society. I always thought that the percentage of criminals, “nutjobs” and other social aberrations would constitute a small percentage of society, maybe 10% or so at the most, and that they would be perceived by the remaining 90% as social outcasts. But instead, we have 40%, that’s 130 million Americans, almost worshiping what I and others consider a true sociopath.

That such a large number of people can approve of, condone or praise such a person is mind blowing. It’s also frightening in that it is possible for those people to determine the future course of our country – to a future which is anything but bright.

Polls have shown that Trump has a hard core base of 30% of all voters. Given their fanaticism, these people will vote – corona pandemic or no; and Trump can count on that percentage of the vote total. On the other hand, statistics show that 40% of voters don’t vote or only occasionally vote1 in presidential elections, leaving only 30% of voters to determine the outcome of a presidential election. Given the advantage to Republicans in the electoral college system, Democrats have to win the popular vote by a substantial margin in order to win the presidency2. On top of that, Republicans will do all in their power to assist Trump’s base in voting while making it difficult for Democratic voters3 this November. This means that, despite any concerns about the Democratic nominee, the pandemic or anything else, it is imperative that Democrats get out the vote and, if possible, bring some of the non-voting 40% to the polls with you. Regardless of the pandemic, voter suppression, or any other obstacles to voting, we have to get out the vote.

We cannot afford to be complacent. I have said it many times and I will say it again. COMPLACENCY IS THE WORST ENEMY OF DEMOCRACY!

1 The statistics are far worse in mid-term elections, odd-year elections, primary elections and special elections.

2 Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 5 million votes (out of 139 million votes cast) in 2016 clearly showing how the electoral college system favors rural parts of the country which are predominantly Republican.

3 This is easy for them to do and it wouldn’t take much to suppress the Democratic vote. Any shortage of poll workers can be used as an excuse to close polls in Democratic neighborhoods. Registered Democrats can be removed from the poll books. Voting by mail can be restricted.