The Need for Reform

Reviewing the issues raised in the presidential debates, Democrats have expressed concerns for several including health care for all, inequality, environmental protections, taxes for the rich, the green new deal, global warming and a host of others. These are all worthy concerns, but are they solvable? In all the debates, there appears no clear vision for how to “get there from here” and no single issue about which to rally other than “defeat Trump”. Republicans, on the other hand, appear mostly concerned about “building the wall”, protecting gun rights, and stopping the impeachment “witch hunt”.

What is ironic is that most of the issues raised by the Democrats are equally supported by most Republicans but are not a high priority amongst those who are fixated on social issues such as abortion, gun control, immigration, etc. and the elite who are obsessed with the accumulation of wealth and power. So if most of the Democrats’ issues are supported by most Americans, why can’t Americans rally around a candidate who they believe will resolve them?

The answer is, there doesn’t appear to be a single candidate who can resolve all, or even most, issues important to most Americans. That’s because no one is presenting a vision of “how to get there from here” or addressing the primary obstacle preventing us from ever “getting there from here”. What’s missing from the debates is the singularly most critical issue that is obstructing progress and will ultimately lead to the destruction of our democracy, viz., our corrupt political system.

Reforming our politcal system is absolutely necessary for achieving the aspirations of most Americans as well as saving our democracy. The real needs of all Americans can be met as there is more than enough wealth in our country to do so, but without political reform, it can’t happen.

The corruption in our politcal system takes several forms and reforms that must be enacted are numerous. They include:

    • Limiting political campaigns to 3 months prior to elections
    • Eliminating corporate and business contributions for political elections
    • Limiting personal political contributions to a reasonable amount affordable to all
    • Eliminating PAC’s and other organizations that exist for influencing elections
    • Term limits for elected officials
    • Eliminating gerrymandering
    • Eliminating voter suppression
    • Eliminating the electoral college

American voters need to raise political reform to the topmost priority and vote only for candidates who are dedicated to reforming our political system. Until they do so, candidates will be complacent with the status quo, continue being purchased by moneyed interests and continue enacting legislation that favors their patrons rather than their constituents. Under those conditions, resolving other issues important to most Americans is not possible.

Political reform is absolutely the most urgent need of all Americans, and needs to be given the highest priority of all issues. That should be a flag we can all rally around.