A Serious Dilemma

Consider the following:

    • There was a recent sarin gas attack in Syria to which our President immediately executed a missile strike against the Asad regime without authority of Congress and without any need to respond to an immediate threat to the United States.
    • The President’s response was unjustified and premature as there is yet no verifiable evidence to link the sarin gas attack to the Asad regime and there is good reason to believe the attack was a false flag operation deliberately intended to draw the U.S. into war against Asad.
    • Asad’s main ally is Vladimir Putin, President of nuclear armed Russia who is constantly berated by the U.S. media and by administration officials for his support of Asad, meddling in U.S. elections (and everything else).
    • North Korea has developed nuclear weapons and is planning to conduct more missile tests.
    • The President’s response to North Korean missile tests was to deploy the USS Vinson strike force to the Western Pacific off the coast of the Korean peninsula and threaten North Korea with a preemptive strike if they conduct further missile tests.
    • President Trump believes that he alone has the authority to wage war in response to any threat perceived or real.
    • China, the world’s most populous country with the second largest military force, is North Korea’s main ally and trading partner and has been reluctant to support sanctions against North Korea or take any action to stop or slow down Kim Jong Un’s development of nuclear weapons and missile systems.
    • We are sitting on the equivalent of 100 billion tons of TNT – that’s about 10 tons for every man, woman and child on this planet, or enough to kill each man, woman and child on the planet more than 10,000 times.
    • We have a President of questionable integrity and sanity with his finger on the trigger.

Any reasonable person would conclude that we are living in dangerous times.

President Trump arbitrarily struck Syria claiming without proof that Asad was responsible for the sarin gas attack. But President Trump has lied about so many things that it’s now impossible to tell when he is lying or telling the truth. The willingness of the President to lie and the willingness of so many to believe without evidence whatever preconceived notions they may have or whatever they want to believe, presents us with the most dangerous situation conceivable.

Now, Trump has verbally threatened North Korea and deployed our naval forces to the region to carry out his threat. Our Secretary of State has implied that China’s leaders will condone our action. But is that true? Would the Chinese really sit back and watch while we pound Kim Jong Un’s weapons factories? What can we believe?

The problem we face is that the “little boy has cried wolf” so many times that he no longer has any credibility. Thus we face the danger of ignoring the wolf should he appear in reality.

The greatest threat of all to our security is to follow leaders who cannot be trusted.