The ostentatious display of adulation of Donald Trump, complete with prayers of thanks for his presidency by Republican politicians at the recent tax bill signing ceremony, went far beyond mere appreciation for signing legislation that pads the pockets of the privileged class. Rather, it resembled the disingenuous adulation by courtiers of kings, emperors and dictators which is normally given out of fear rather than respect for the ruler. It makes one wonder if this disingenuous display of adulation wasn’t also given out of fear rather than respect. Remember, only 20 months ago most Republican politicians were disparaging Trump, but now that he is in a position of power they appear either to adore him or fear him. Given the history, it’s hard to accept that it’s adoration. That leads one to believe it’s fear. If that’s the case, why is it so? It makes one wonder what else is going behind the green curtain.