A Letter to My Representatives on Zero Tolerance

Below is my letter to my members of Congress. Below that are illustrations of how our government treats children brought in by illegal immigrants in Arizona. And bear in mind that officially now, children, regardless of age, brought in by parents illegally are not innocent – they are guilty – they are criminals.

For those of you who care, I beg you to act and spread the word.

Dear Sir:

I want to know exactly what President Trump and Attorney General Session have planned for the immigrant children separated from their parents in their abhorrent zero tolerance policy.

Are the children going to be returned to their native countries separately from their parents and left to the mercy of whoever meets them first at the border? Is it the government’s intention to keep the children and return the parents to their native countries (or somewhere else)? If so, will the children be raised by the government in institutional facilities and will they be educated? Will they be kept in the U.S. indefinitely and treated as criminals? Will some or all of the children be turned over to “sponsors” who will do what to them? How long will the children be kept in the U.S. either in government custody or in the keeping of “sponsors”? Will they ever be released? If so, when, where and under what conditions?

Finally, are we taxpayers expected to pay for this abhorent policy?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, I expect you to find out immediately; and if the answers aren’t satisfactory, you need to provide legislation to adequately protect the children from harm, ensure that they are well cared for and ultimately reunited with their parents whole and hardy.

W. R. Knight

Here’s how U.S. immigration officials treat children of illegal immigrants. Notice how these dangerous criminals are handcuffed in the first photo.

Children being brought into detention in handcuffs
Immigrant children in detention







Immigrant children in detention
Immigrant children in detention

Human animals in cages:
“They are not humans, they are animals.” – Donald Trump