A letter to my Congressman upon opening the 116th Congress

Dear Congressman Beyer,

I am very concerned that Democrats, now in power in the House, are going to turn the Trump investigations and impeachment into a multi-ring circus that will distract Representatives, the press and the public from the real issue of passing urgently needed legislation. We need you to focus on legislation that meets the needs of the people; and first and foremost among these is the repeal of the Trump tax cuts which have accomplished nothing but a vast transfer of wealth to the corporations and rich from everyone else together with a mountain of debt that will fall on our children and their progeny for generations. Then you need to focus on getting the federal budget under control – and not at the expense of those who cannot afford it or at the expense of future generations.

We need to make America great again, but to do that we have to invest in America – not in wasteful, destructive wars and a bloated military that accomplishes only death, destruction and waste. Yes, we need a good, defensive military, but only insofar as it is needed to defend our nation against hostile invaders – not the financial interests of corporations and the wealthy.

We need a healthy nation, and that means we need adequate healthcare for all. We need an educated and trained population, and that means we need to improve our education services. We need a robust infrastructure, and that means we need a lot of repairs and refurbishment of our aging infrastructure. We need to combat climate change, and that means we need to invest in alternative energy. We need election reform that eliminates money as the primary determinant in selecting public officials, and that means overturning Citizens United and enacting meaningful regulations on campaign contributions. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There is nothing wrong with making America great – but to accomplish that, we need to build America up, not tear other nations down. Being the world’s biggest bully is not the same as being great.

Yes, we need to hold Trump accountable to the people, but we can’t let that detract us from repairing the damage to our nation caused by irresponsible legislation over the last 30 years. So keep your eye on the ball and don’t be distracted by the theatrics of investigations and impeachment.

W. R. Knight